Freedom Riders Park

Anniston, AL
Landscape Architecture


 The Freedom Riders Park and Memorial is designed to commemorate, remember, and honor the brave people who participated in the 1961 Civil Rights Freedom Rides. The memorial and park will be located where one of the buses was burned in Anniston, AL by an angry white mob. The design features fourteen red granite walkways represent each of the freedom riders who were on the bus when it was attacked. These paths tell the story of their individual journeys and lead to the main monument feature. The monument consists of a large corten wall and adjacent lawn area reflecting the dimensions of the bus. Markes will be set in the lawn signifying the location where the Freedom Riders sat. One seat at the “back of the bus” is left vacant for visitors to sit and reflect on their experience. The corten wall will radiate the sun’s heat and be symbolic of the burning bus. Ornamental grass will be planted around the memorial to represent the flames and smoke as they wisp in the wind.



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